This kicks off the whole show with a six-month program designed to engage students of all ages. We want them to get involved, get connected and get results. We plan to develop an online-based reward and recognition program that delivers personal growth, raises national awareness of ACLC and provides meaningful opportunities.

1. Personal Growth Plan
This will allow students to create learn a new skill and create an outcome. We want kids of all ages to set personal challenges, gain external qualifications and contribute to local climate adaptation initiatives. Students can choose from a range of participation levels, from Bronze to Platinum, to suit their age, level of interest or available time. Programs will be provided through external partners and monitored online. The Platinum program will be the entry level for those planning to apply to join the main Field University & Arctic programs.

All participants will register a personal account on our website which will allow us to track their progress and acknowledge their achievements.

2. Regional Arts Competitions
Poetry: Works based on climate change issues to be created and submitted at the regional level. Selected works showcased on our website. Book of winning works published and available online.
Posters: Works raising awareness on climate change issues to be created and digitally captured for submission to regional judging panel. Selected works displayed on our website. Folio of winning works published and available online.

3. Website Competition
Students to create and launch a personal website to promote climate change awareness and encourage local adaptive action. Winning regional sites to be promoted nationally and linked to our main website.

4. Music Competition
Categories: Rock, Pop, Folk
Young musicians to write and record an original work suitable for becoming the ACLC anthem or theme song. Winners in each category to have their work professionally produced and launched on our website. Compilation CD’s distributed online. Overall winner to perform their song live at our major media/gala events.

Voting: To engage the student demographic and ensure the results reflect their views, all competitions will be judged through online voting.




Those seeking to participate in the rigorous selection process to join the core Field University and Arctic program, and benefit from a life-changing education valued at $50,000 per person, will first have to qualify by completing the Platinum Award.

Final selection criteria will include mandatory health and fitness, parental approval and community support, as well as demonstrated climate issues awareness, outdoor adventure experience, community service and a willingness to commit to leadership of climate action programs. In addition, candidates will need strength of character, resilience and team spirit in order to effectively participate in the adventure experiences in Australia and in the Arctic.

The Selection Panel will comprise members of our Field Leadership team and Educational & Developmental Psychologist, Dr Jill Scevak. The Panel will conduct interviews in all capital cities to select the 120 finalists, creating the 12 teams of ten teenagers that will represent each state and territory (more populous states will have two teams each).

National selection will be completed in late November 2008.

The successful 120 will be provisionally known as ‘Climate Raiders’. A new collective name may be chosen by the actual participants.


Prior to attending the Climate Change Field University, the Climate Raiders will attend a three-day professional presentation skills training course held in their capital city.

They will develop skills that include audience analysis, structure and persuasiveness, with special attention given to help them develop their natural communication style and achieve measurable outcomes.

This will enable them to become highly effective communicators who are able to reach a wide range of audiences that include Government, business, community groups and their peers.

The emphasis of the training will be developing their personal style and natural abilities as future leaders.


Dr Jill Scevak BA, DipEd,  MEdStud, PhD
School of Education, University of Newcastle

Dr Scavek specializes in Educational & Developmental Psychology.
Her areas of expertise include:

  • Staff selection & recruitment
  • Personality assessment
  • Interpersonal communications
  • Self esteem enhancement
  • Stress management for adolescents
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