The core phases of the project – Leader’s Reconnaissance, National Selection, Field University and Arctic Expedition – will be covered by an embedded journalist, filing to a range of publications around the world. For this role we have selected international photo-journalist Flip Byrne who specialises in sport, travel and high adventure.

Flip is quite unique: Her grandfather, Frank Hurley, was an expedition photographer in Antarctica with both Sir Douglas Mawson and Sir Ernest Shackleton, as well as a photojournalist who covered two world wars and explored and filmed remote areas of New Guinea.

Today, Flip continues in the family tradition of restless energy and a passion for snow and ice and a good foreign story. In the Spring of 2008 she plans to make an east-west crossing of the Greenland icecap, before returning to Tasiilaq to join our Leader’s Reconnaissance and cover the story for international magazines and newspapers.

An official book of the whole project will be published by Melbourne University Press who have first rights. The book will be timed for release to tie in with screening of the four-part television series. The book, to be written by the Arctic leader, will be co-authored by Bill Green, a multi-award winning and internationally published author, and a screenwriter whose screenplay ‘Terminator 2’ starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Bill’s experience ranges from crime reporter (Sun Herald), on-camera reporter (Nine & ABC) News Editor & Chief of Staff (Sunday Observer), Editor (Nation Review) and speechwriter and Press Secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister. During 2003 - 05 he was Editorial Director of the Australian climate change blueprint, ‘The Global Green Plan’, for a Melbourne-based environmental Think Tank.


Flip Byrnes


Bill Green

National Online Education Resource

The expedition presents a opportunity to reinforce Federal Government educational policy and add value to existing classroom based learning in subjects such as geography, science, sustainability and history.

We are partnering with the two departments at the University of New South Wales and the NSW Education Department’s Centre for Learning Innovation to develop programs that ACLC will make freely available to schools and parents around Australia. Our website will host an Education Resource, containing a range of learning materials aimed at primary and secondary, designed for use by teachers, parents and students.

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