In March Year 2, the full contingent of Climate Raiders will attend the world’s first Climate Change Field University. There, they will undertake an intense two-week program of adventure training, teambuilding and climate science. The interactive program has three key aims: build strong teams using the Ursus concept of Team as Leader, heighten adventure threshold to form a solid outdoor skills base, and develop a personal foundation of climate change scientific understanding.

The program will be delivered to small groups of team units, using a variety of natural bush settings to support an innovative style of experiential education.

Throughout the program, participants will enjoy special film events and guest lectures from politicians, polar explorers, community leaders, etc.

The Climate Change Field University will conclude with a gala graduation event to be held at Parliament House, Canberra.

Team Project

During the Field University, each team will select and commit to completing a major climate change project, one that has measurable outcomes. They will have six months to complete the project and will be supported as they go by a mentor experienced in project management.

This experience will give each team member the chance to learn the ingredients of success and develop practical experience in project leadership, media, resources management. At many levels, this will be a career-enhancing experience.

Completion of team projects will be acknowledged and celebrated with special events at the regional or state level, on our website and supported by our public relations partners.


1. Best knowledge base
Acquire the best foundation of age-appropriate climate change knowledge, issues & action possibilities through formal sessions.

2. Deep issues understanding
Explore their individual understanding of the climate change picture, both globally & relative, to Australia through interactive sessions.

3. Powerful teams
Develop a powerful sense of team identity, team spirit and team purpose through physical adventure activities, team building exercises & competitions, and through public forum activities.

4. Purposeful futures
Understand the political & social operational landscapes and be empowered & mentored as they act on their communication, recruitment and project commitments.

Team Communications Program

During the Field University, Climate Raiders will be provided with 12 Team websites, attached to the ACLC main website, which they may personalize using ACLC templates. The sites will have multiple functionality, templates and database management, and Team members will be trained in their management.

Team websites will serve a range of promotional and team management purposes. These include: stream video footage and manage email traffic from the Arctic, broadcast post-university Team communiqués, manage promotions & bookings for Team members’ public presentations, track progress on Team projects, manage members’ email accounts and most importantly, recruit new members.

In addition, Teams can also use their websites for building links with a range of stakeholders, from Team Corporate Partners, governments, state & private schools to environmental organizations, special interest & youth groups, local businesses and the media.

Mentoring Program

Each Team will receive the services of a qualified Business Mentor, based in their local capital city. Mentoring is proven in business to rapidly accelerate desired outcomes. In this case, teenagers will be able to learn from the Mentor’s business and project management experience which will achieve three things. Firstly, they will learn how to plan and manage a complex project and, in doing so, learn much of how the business and political worlds operate. Secondly they will learn how to develop an idea into a successful outcome, and in the process understand the elusive keys to success. Thirdly, each individual will grow personally and identify with the achievement of success, adding to their sense of self as leader.


On their return, Young Explorers will become important advocates of climate change adaptation strategy. They will rejoin their Teams to help complete projects and promote public awareness of the outcomes. They will also add authority to creative solutions for carbon reduction programs.


In order to connect with students of all ages, and to help with recruitment, we will partner with the Sustainable Living Challenge run by the UNSW.

The Sustainable Living Challenge is a leading national secondary schools program that encourages students and their teachers to explore sustainability issues as a part of the school experience.

A prestigious national schools program, the Sustainable Living Challenge is run in partnership with the United Nations Environment Program and is endorsed by the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005 - 2014.

Carbon Neutral
We committed to demonstrating practical leadership in the elimination of our operational carbon footprint.

Achieving this will be a challenge because ours is a complex project. It involves national and international air travel, boat & engine manufacture, trans-ocean shipment, operation of everything from office computers and telephones to outboard motors and management of major events.

To be effective in reducing our carbon footprint, we will form a partnership with CarbonNeutral, the world’s leading carbon consultancy, based in the UK. They will advise on business practices, trading relationships and equipment purchases. Also, we will try to only do business and buy products from suppliers who are also committed to reducing their carbon emissions through manufacturing the most low-emission and fuel-efficient products.

By working to reduce our carbon footprint, we hope to inspire all our partners, sponsors and network of supporters across Australia to pursue their own carbon reduction goals.
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